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PinManage was founded in 2020 but Michele and Shiree have been mastering Pinterest for clients in the food, lifestyle, parenting, travel, health and fitness niches, and many other niches since 2017. We are excited to help you reach your Pinterest goals!

Who are we?


Hi, I am Michele and I love helping other bloggers and businesses crush their goals by utilizing Pinterest to work for their own business. In 2016 I started my first website and was at a loss at how to increase traffic. Then after a few months, several courses, and creating a Pinterest strategy that worked for my blog I started seeing massive amounts of traffic pour into my blog.

I can’t wait to help you build your brand and crush your goals too!


Hi, I’m Shiree and I would definitely categorize myself as a Pinterest nerd. Pinterest has so much potential for any blogger that is wanting to reach their goals. I have worked side by side with Michele learning through courses and experience by tailoring strategies to help bloggers see traffic and growth come from their Pinterest accounts. I love figuring out what works for each account. I’m excited to work with you and help you reap the benefits of this amazing platform with more traffic, sales, and income. Let’s get started!

Why Choose PinManage.com

Pinterest Management Services


We care about your business and are excited to celebrate your wins with you! We give your Pinterest account the support it deserves. We are available by email or Facebook when you have questions and concerns to help you find the answers you are looking for.

We are here to support you on your journey!


Pinterest is always changing so we are always changing too to find the best results for you! We stay up to date on trends and changes so that your account sees success. We use SEO rich keyword descriptions so that your pins get the best chance at being seen!

It’s not just about filling a schedule on Pinterest!


There is a reason why clients have been with us for years! Results might be more traffic, more email sign-ups or product sales. Tell us what you are looking for and let us help you reach your goal.

Our clients see results!

PinManage believes in being intuitive, communicating effectively with our clients, being reliable, adapting to Pinterest changes, being professional, and of course authentic.

We only hire team members who share these same values to ensure that you can always trust who is working with you on your Pinterest account.

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