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Pinterest Design Services
Great Design = Great Clicks

Here at PinManage, we create Re-Pin-Worthy Graphics, integrating YOUR brand identity (Text, Font, Color, Design and Images) that inspire into users to proceed toward your goals, if that’s followers, clicks, subscribers, we know how to strategize for YOUR goals.

We Manage, You Forget.

Is your Pinterest Account… falling apart?  Or… are you feeling like, “butter, scraped over too much bread“??

Let us help you!  We take our clients’ trust seriously.  Hiring us as professionals to help with your Scheduling, Audience Targeting, Smart Goals, Strategic Distribution, Focused Optimizing, Continuous Re-Analyzing… Smart-Looping, and creating an endless supply of evergreen supply of fresh pins… well, you get the point.  It means a lot.

“Pinterest is not about filling your schedule as fast as you can. It is about intentionally pinning YOUR CONTENT when and where YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE is.”

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Why Pinterest?

There are over 250 million people on Pinterest

93% of people are searching Pinterest to do something (cook a meal, travel the world, buy a gift, figure out their latest parenting struggle)

The Pins you pin today will still be on Pinterest for years to come. 

Pinterest is a Virtual Search engine. Pin design and pinning processes DO MATTER! Pinterest leads to more clicks, sales, and email subscribers for your business!

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Brand new to Pinterest?

If you want to maximize your Pinterest Account’s success, you need to optimize every component of your account’s setup correctly.  We can help.  Let us accelerate your progress by setting up your Pinterest Account the right way.


Who are we? (Your future Pinterest managers)


Hi, I’m Shiree and I would definitely categorize myself as a Pinterest nerd.

Pinterest has so much potential for any blogger that is wanting to reach their goals. I have worked side by side with Michele learning through courses and experience by tailoring strategies to help bloggers see traffic and growth come from their Pinterest accounts.

I love figuring out what works for each account. I’m excited to work with you and help you reap the benefits of this amazing platform with more traffic, sales, and income.

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